Milk, Milk, Lemonade! Around the Corner, Brad Makes Fudge! (yHire An Idiot)


Kyle eats pizza topless, Josh ponders the difference between pirates and bikers, there’s a lot of talk about fudge all while trying to figure out “What’s the opposite of Beyoncé?”


Also, we managed to talk about an episode of iCarly for a minute or three.


It’s a giant bag fulla LEMONADE! I promise!!!

ySam’s Mom (aka New Timin’ It!)


FINALLY the boys are back! After almost 7 months of darkness, Kyle and Josh return with a new episode of The WhyCarly Podcast.

On today’s show we discuss Jane Lynch’s guest starring role as Pam Puckett


 This episode focuses on the intricacies of the mother/daughter relationship but manages to throw in a healthy dollop of sexual innuendo, slut shaming and attempted murder, just like you’d expect from any show for tween girls.

Also, Kyle creates a new expression that is sure to sweep the nation and Josh terrifies the pizza delivery boy.

It’s like we never even left!

Special Delivery: (pod)Casting Agents


Regular listeners of The whyCarly Podcast will be disappointed to learn that there is no new episode this week.

Fortunately, since they’re listeners of THIS podcast, they are more than likely used to being disappointed by us.

Today we take this opportunity to test out the pilot episode of a new show we’ve been planning for some time now.

(pod)Casting Agents is a new podcast where the minds behind whyCarly (plus a few special guests) will discuss hypothetical remakes of some of Hollywood’s most beloved films and try to figure out who should be cast in the starring roles.

It’s about as ridiculous as it sounds.

For the inaugural episode we take a bite outta Jaws, the 1975 classic summer blockbuster.


Spoiler Alert: We ALSO chose Ben Affleck for the role of “Bruce”


Look for us on twitter @CastingPod and keep on eye on (pod)Casting Agents for news on how and when you can subscribe on iTunes


Episode 018: ySpeed Date


Before she was banging Ben Affleck in Gone Girl, even before she was shakin’ her thang in the Blurred Lines music video, world famous super model/actress Emily Ratajkowski was GIBBY’S GIRLFRIEND on iCarly!

After Gibby, no other man would do…
Things get weird on today’s iCarly.

This episode was supposed to come out on Wednesday, but Star Wars 7 came out on Blu-ray on Tuesday, so Josh did nothing else this week.

Now that he’s seen it in every language (including describe audio for the visually impaired) he was finally able to edit and upload the newest podcast.

The 7 Most Shocking Sex Jokes in an iCarly Episode


Like with most great TV shows or movies aimed at kids, the producers of iCarly usually hide some more adult oriented jokes for the parents of their younger viewers.

Today we watched iQuit iCarly. The 8th and 9th installments of the third season was a “two part event episode” and it was just oozing with smutty jokes.

But I hate listcles, they make the ghost of Edward R. Murrow cry like an Native American watching someone litter, so you’ll have to listen to the podcast by clicking the play button above or subscribing on iTunes if you want to hear the list.

While you’re at it, follow us on twitter @whyCarlyPod

Spencer, Sam and Carly enjoy a three-way hug… Freddie likes to watch.