Why Carly?

Attention Internet!

Let this serve as the official announcement of the whyCarly Podcast premiering July 1st, 2015.

whyCarly (brought to you by Josh Alferez & Kyle Hutchinson, the “creative” team responsible for the VTAN Podcast at verbtheadjectivenoun.com) will provide an in-depth exploration and analysis of iCarly, one of the greatest television programs ever made!

Join super fan Josh as he tries, with heavy resistance, to convert Kyle into a fan of a show made for tween girls.

- Pictured: Kyle (the handsome one) and Josh (the weirdo)
– Pictured: Kyle (the handsome one) and Josh (the weirdo)

iCarly ran for 109 episodes over 7 years.

Together Josh and Kyle will watch and review 28 carefully selected episodes that Josh considers to be “The Essential iCarly”.

28 episodes that, together, encapsulate the entire series without being bogged down by any superfluous “filler”.

28 episodes that will transform Kyle from a cynical naysayer who thinks that iCarly is just for kids into a super fan like Josh!

The podcast premiers July 1st, Canada Day 2015.

Keep an eye out, subscribe on iTunes and follow us on Twitter @whyCarlyPod


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