Special Delivery: (pod)Casting Agents


Regular listeners of The whyCarly Podcast will be disappointed to learn that there is no new episode this week.

Fortunately, since they’re listeners of THIS podcast, they are more than likely used to being disappointed by us.

Today we take this opportunity to test out the pilot episode of a new show we’ve been planning for some time now.

(pod)Casting Agents is a new podcast where the minds behind whyCarly (plus a few special guests) will discuss hypothetical remakes of some of Hollywood’s most beloved films and try to figure out who should be cast in the starring roles.

It’s about as ridiculous as it sounds.

For the inaugural episode we take a bite outta Jaws, the 1975 classic summer blockbuster.


Spoiler Alert: We ALSO chose Ben Affleck for the role of “Bruce”


Look for us on twitter @CastingPod and keep on eye on (pod)Casting Agents for news on how and when you can subscribe on iTunes



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