All Star Team Up


We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.

Kyle and Josh do another podcast and while it has nothing to do with iCarly, it’s always good for a chuckle or two.

Since there’s no new episode of whyCarly today, why don’t you instead, listen to this special edition of the VTAN Podcast?

We open Christmas presents, do some behind the scenes gossip about the big Hollywood movies that Kyle’s been working on, and speculate on whether or not Josh would be good at giving handjobs…

- Pictured: Kyle (the handsome one) and Josh (the weirdo)
That’s how we roll, y’all!

Episode 013: yThink They Kissed

Josh and Kyle tried to record a new episode of whyCarly but they lost the cables for their microphones. This entire episode was recorded on Kyle’s iPhone.

If the first half sounds crazy it’s because Josh decided to Periscope the recording session. He was immediately called a pedophile by multiple viewers.

What could have possibly given them that idea?

Just another ordinary day in the glamourous world of tween sitcom review/analysis podcasts.

Episode 012: yTwins


Fresh off of last episode’s “pussy rampage” it takes Josh and Kyle LESS THAN ONE MINUTE to start talking about pussy and hacksaws!

Later on they discuss Eddie Murphy’s possible involvement in a sequel of the Schwarzenegger/DeVito movieĀ Twins, Eddie Murphy’s music career and 1986’s Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy!

At some point they also talk about iCarly…

My podcast wants to party all the time

Episode 011: yDate a Bad Boy (Part 2)


It’s that time again! Time to count the number of times Josh and Kyle can say “pussy” when discussing a Nickelodeon show made for tween girls.

In the thrilling conclusion of iDate a Bad Boy, we learn all about Griffin’s dark secret and Josh speculates how this episode would have turned out if it had happened on Friends instead of iCarly.

(Hint: there would’ve been substantially more gay porn in the Friends version)

Episode 008: yKiss

Kyle is in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario working on a big Hollywood movie with Bill Paxton (or is it Pullman?)

This means that in order to bring you a new episode of whyCarly, the boys had to jump on Skype.
Today we dig under the surface or iKiss, an episode that is essentially one big metaphor for losing your virginity!

What does "Cookie Mischief" mean? Kyle's pretty sure it has something to do with Vaginas
What does “Cookie Mischief” mean? Kyle’s pretty sure it has something to do with Vaginas

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