For people asking themselves “What’s the point of this podcast?” read this first.

Now that we have that outta the way, we can make a game plan.

There are 109 episodes of iCarly but getting Kyle to watch them all would’ve been more painful than a butter sock. Instead, we have agreed to 28 episodes that I personally consider to represent the best of the show.

In case you’re curious here’s a list of the episodes we’re gonna watch:

whyCarly Episode 000
S01E01 iPilot

S01E02 iWant More Viewers
S01E05 iWanna Stay With Spencer
S01E09 iWill Date Freddie
S01E15 iHate Sam’s Boyfriend
S01E18 iPromote Techfoots
S02E01 iSaw Him First
S02E10 iKiss
S02E16 iMake Sam Girlier
S02E18 iDate a Bad Boy
S02E23 iTwins
S03E01 iThink They Kissed
S03E03 iSpeed Date
S03E10 iSaved Your Life
S03E20 iBeat the Heat
S04E04 iSam’s Mom
S04E08 iHire an Idiot
S04E10 iOMG
S05E01 iLost My Mind
S05E02 iDate Sam & Freddie
S05E03 iCan’t Take It
S05E04 iLove You
S06E02 iGo One Direction
S06E03 iOpen a Restaurant
S06E05 iPear Store
S07E04 iFind Spencer Friends
S07E06 iLost My Head in Vegas

Fans of the show will notice that there are no Nevel Papperman episodes on the list as well as the glaring omissions of big multi-part episodes/TV movies like iGo To Japan, iQuit iCarly, iFight Shelby Marx, iShock America and iParty with Victorious.

Because the show will be released every other week we will occasionally release “Bonus Episodes” on the off weeks.

That’s where we cover the Nevel episodes and the specials.